March 20, 2017
By , pontiac, MI

What is your favorite sport? Well, my favorite sport is called soccer. Soccer is really fun and you only can use your feet to kick the ball. Soccer is played in over 200 countries. Approximately 250 million people play soccer a year. I would give you other facts but, I need to start the article. The last fact is that soccer has been an Olympic sport since 1900. Soccer is one of the best sports and it can be very fun.

If you don't know the rules or how to play then we will start with that. Soccer fields are about 110 yards to a maximum of 120 yards long by a minimum of 70 yards to a maximum of 80 yards wide and there are 2 goals at each side. Their are 2 goalkeepers at each goal that have to stop the ball from going into the net and they can use their whole body. Then there are 10 field players for each team and they can't touch the ball with their hands or they call it a foul. Those are the most basic part of soccer. The only reason a field player were to touch the soccer ball is if it went out of bounds or a for a free kick.

The reason that I say that soccer is the best sport and is really fun is because once you get into soccer you can’t stop playing it. It is really fun because you can do and learn a lot of tricks and trick a lot of your friends by doing the tricks on them. There are also rules that say that if a person did a foul on the opponent and it wasn’t in the opponent goalkeepers space then, it is called a free kick. If you make a foul to another player in your goalkeeper’s space then, it is called a penalty. When you kick a penalty shot then, you have to be in the goalkeeper’s space and other players can’t block it except the goalkeeper.

Another reason that I think that soccer is the best sport is because you can literally almost play soccer anywhere as long as you have a soccer ball. One time, me and my cousin we went to a party and we got bored so then my cousin brought out his soccer ball and we started playing in the parking lot of the place. Another time me and brothers were on the trampoline and we got the soccer ball and we started playing on the trampoline. I’ve also seen people play soccer on the sand, it is called beach soccer. It is kind of like normal soccer except you have a slight difference in rules. You could play soccer anywhere like on grass, cement, mud, and even on sand!

In conclusion, I think that soccer is one of the best sports and fun to play. The rules were kind of different and difficult. But once you get it then it is fun. Soccer can be really fun and you can’t stop playing sometimes. You could trick your friends and even beat them, it is fun! Remember as long as you have a ball you can play soccer. You would even be able to play in rough places like mud and dirt. In all, I think that if people learned to play soccer then, people wouldn’t stay inside all day and it would be fun.

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