Classification of Football Positions

November 22, 2016
By Steven-Bird BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Steven-Bird BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Classification of Football Postions

Specialists (kickers snappers punters)
Trench fighters (lines)
Fast glory hogs (receivers/ DB)
Hybrids (linebackers, running backs and tight ends)
Thinkers (QB and safety's)

Watching and critiquing sports teams is an easy thing to do. But as a player, your role is defined and you are classified as a part to create a well-oiled machine. And like a machine every piece must do its part and be well maintained to achieve success. Comparing a team to a clock is a great way to see the classifications. Each group of positions, each with a different job, each with a different skill set, each with a name, all for one outcome, to be successful and to be victorious. In order to fully understand the game positions must be categorized in order to help spectators, players and newcomers understand the importance of a small job for a big win.

The single play, winners and losers of the game. Specialists are compared to the second, minute and hour hands of the clock. Specialist must, like all the hands of a clock must merge at 12 o’clock, and one a second before or after. Specials include the kickers, punters and snappers, the people who are rarely in the game. Specialists seldom obtain a second chance; once the job is completed it cannot be repeated. Specialist have one shot, be it a kick, punt, field goal or a snap. Everything must be perfect for one moment in time in order to achieve success. If they fail there is no way for redemption, as that play is over and, they must wait until the next opportunity is at hand. Specialists are primarily an offensive group, because they score points, and more often than not the specialists make the ball move large distances.  They are hidden and unsung heroes. Specialists are the ones who are in the game to do their one job. They must have the mindsets of unbeatable, perfect marksmen. For games that go all the way down to the wire, the specialists are the ones that either gain victory or defeat. 

Trench fighters
The humble fighters. No credit. No points. All guts and grit. They are slow, heavy, hefty and powerful. They are the cogs behind the face of the clock, hidden but always doing big work. They can also be compared to the hour hand connected to the cogs. These positions include the center, guards and tackles on the offensive line; as well as the nose tackles, defensive guards and defensive ends on the defensive line. These monsters are normally slow, powerful, and methodic when they move. The lines of the offense and defense create and move mountains, they open holes, they create walls, and they are the force needed for touchdowns. When watching a game these are the players that look like gigantic blobs of jerseys and helmets. They move about 5 yards each play but usually look strained. Indeed strained they are, because they are fighting the other team’s lines and successfully pushing them back five long yards at a time. The trench is the place where it all happens and is the most important job on the field. They are the protectors and the annihilators. The humble fighters are also the scapegoats; if anything goes wrong they are the first to be blamed. The blame could have been for the linebacker who got the sack on the quarter back or the 15 yard run of the opposing offense. They are the ones on defense to plug the gaps, make the stop at the line and disrupt the opposing offensive strategy. The trench is not a place for everyone. It takes guts, strength and thick skin to survive on the front lines.


Fast Glory Hogs
Opposites of the Trench fighters, you have the Fast Glory Hogs. These are the ones who get and want the credit. The big catch the big tackle. Fast glory hogs are the ones who score the points and the ones who stop the points from being acquired. These ones are seldom humble.. These are the receivers and the defensive backs, on a clock they are the second hand, many chances and many repetitions, and quick round the clock. These positions include corners, defensive backs and running backs. They are primarily a threat on offense because they are able to transport the ball long distances with the help of the quarter back. Corners and running backs run routes or they simply receive the handoff. However on defense they are a position of high importance.  They are the defenders of corners; however they are equally matched to corners and try to snatch the ball from the offense with incredible speed and for the glory of the game.

Hybrids are a mix between the trench fighter and a fast glory hog they are the tight ends, running backs and line backers. They are all around players... they are the minute hand on the face of a clock, many chances, steady always doing something and always there. They can block, they can catch, they have to think and they can run. Hybrids are the ones who are always in the action and are the ones causing chaos, whether it be at the line or around the edges. They are not slow but have strength; they can hit hard and run fast, but have enough finesse to make the catch and gain yards. On offense they are the ones that run the ball up the middle through the trenches, steady and methodical they are the ones that seal the edge. For defense they are the chaos makers the line penetrators and the play disruptors and the quarter back sackers, loss of yards is the game they play. Hybrids make the minutes click by one play at a time. They are the optimal players the top of the top and the best at their jobs.

Thinkers are the ones with the most important job, or so, that is what the coach says. They read the other team and make strategic adjustments based on what they see. A minor shift here and a quick look there all to beat the other team at the game. Thinkers implement the strategy, like a well-oiled machine they lead the charge, make the calls and command the field. These are the ones you see; they are the face of the clock, the one everyone looks at and looks to for the big play. The thinkers are the quarterbacks and safety's exposed, alone standing out and seen by all. Thinkers are the leaders, the rally men, the ones who have the plan. They are the most known positions; they take the blame they get the glory and they have to have guts. They take chances and create big plays. They are the “make it happen” players where the risk is great and but glory is greater. The quarterback must be tough and quick on its feet, able to fight or flight at a moment’s notice and not afraid to go, to make the throw,  to give a hit or take a hit to get the extra yard or a break away for the end zone. Safeties are the head hunters of the defense, the heat seeker missile coming from afar to stop the run, disrupt the throw risking it all for the interception. Both are the face of the clock, both tough as nails, both as pretty as can be.

The author's comments:

I was palying fooball during the time of writing the paper and noticed patters of behavoir between positions on the football team.

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