NFL Hits and Rules

October 6, 2016
By tysonking BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
tysonking BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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September 8th 2016 the denver broncos and carolina panthers faced off for the first game of the 2016-2017 season during the game two defensive bronco players had head  shots on the running quarterback of carolina a few days after those hits the nfl fined one bronco  for  18,231$ and the other for 24,309  the referees supposedly missed the hits and didn't throw flags to penalized them for the hits 

The nfl should make a rule that if a defender is hitting a running  Qb and if its a head shot it should be the qb problem because he put himself in the situation to get hit  and the broncos defenders shouldn't have to decide on where to hit because cam is going to be as aggressive as the defenders are. The league's doctors had looked at the video and cam and there were no signs of a concussion or any trauma to the head.

Week 4,sunday october 2 , 2016 cam newton and his panthers were in a game vs the falcons on one drive of the game cam newton tried running in for a touchdown but did not notice a falcon defender getting ready to pummel him as he ran in the falcons defender hit cam and was a similar hit as the stewart and marshall hit from the broncos till this day it is still a talked about topic on the local football networks and tv shows.

When cam received the hit the nfl doctors found that he had gotten a concussion because of it but when the hit occurred there were no flags thrown and also the falcons defender who hit him was not fined for a hit that was more worse than the stewart and marshall hit. The nfl said that they are concerned about not having enough protection for players that could lead to more head trauma and/or more situations like these 

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