As Long as You Tried, You're Michael Jordan.

September 29, 2016
By JackyCheung BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
JackyCheung BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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To quote a Chinese saying: failure is the mother of success. I think we can regard failure as a kind of hardship. Everyone meets hardship, so it's very normal in our lives. For example, I was trying to learn to swim, but I didn't work very hard, so I failed. I also was terrible at calculating, but I went to find my teacher and asked her to teach me method, so I improved a lot. And I think the most tricky problem was basketball. One of my favorite stars, Michael Jordan, because he was not very tall, he was rejected to join in school basketball team. But he practiced a lot and he finally grew taller. And he also became one of the greatest basketball players. Although I am not as good as him, I still improved. So how did I overcome my hardship?

I love basketball very much. I think the reason why I play it is because it is fun to play and there are many basketball stars which can do moves very very well. And I think it's every boy’s dream. At first, my father was good at basketball, and like Chinese people usually say: There will be no laggard son if a father is talented. So naturally he taught me to play it. At the very beginning, I had no idea about dribble a ball or shooting. To be honest, I didn't want to train. I'm afraid of working and sweating. Of course, if I don't want to do something, I'll just find thousands excuses. So at that time, maybe I just did not like it because of its extreme difficulty. I always complained.

My father, however, tried to convince me: “The first step is always the hardest.”And I trusted him. So I did make my decision that I will do that well. I was forced to fulfill the duty, not by my father, but by my own determination of overcoming the hardship. So I actually insisted my training. After that, I also met a bunch of problems like dribble and shooting. But they are not as hard as the start. My father was right, that after the beginning, it did get easier. And because of the heavy study burden like doing homework until midnight. I hadn't played it for a while. But because I had already had strong feeling of this amazing sport, so now as long as I had time, I went to basketball court at the drop of the hat. I'm obsessed with that now.

Through this long time experience, I realized that one way to insist doing one thing is to keep my interest, which was built by my continuing training and its own wonderful magic. And another method is having strong determination. I am still glad I tried and I overcame the hardship. It makes me keep my enthusiasm. I will keep playing it forever!

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I just like basketball so much!????

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