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What it Takes to be a Successful Dancer

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Dancing is a form of art, dance can express feelings and captivates the moments you do and enjoy. Dancing also puts you in weird and awkward places to allow you to explore different values of your mind and body. Dance is a creative way to use your imagination and your patience to see how far you would go just to do it. Dancing has always motivates me and also taught me a bunch of life lessons that I’ll be using throughout my life that’s why I want to be a successful dancer.

Dancing is important  because it’s a form of art the expand to anything you imagine it to. Dance has a lot of emotions and expressions that you release that can affect the people watching . Dance is also a stress reliever, it’s also a fun activity to do. Anyone can dance, people usually say “I can’t dance” or “I don’t know how to dance” well  everyone has the potential to dance you just have to be patient with it and yourself and also you have fun don’t think too much just do it and let your body flow with the music.

For me to be able to achieve my dream I have a certain number of steps to take. First I need to keep training and keep being hungry with dance. Well I need to do three minutes of planks each day so i can have a stronger core. Then I have to practice my dance style which is popping, which means I have to do practice popping after I do the planks. I also have to study or watch teachers do I can master the art of popping. I practice everyday so I can get better, I’ve been hungry for improvement. Also I need to see the mistake I do when I practice.

Other than improvements, I need to graduate high school and go to college so I can get a job so I can buy me a dance room where I can teach choreography and have a workshops. Doing all this will be difficult because I have to look for a job and go to college which is both hard to manage. Finding a job is hard and making money for a dance room is difficult because dance rooms aren’t that cheap so i have to save a lot. I want to have A dance room because I want to give back to the community, and give the future generations to find a place where they can express their feelings and love for dance, this is why I love dancing because dancing isn’t only for teenagers it can be for anyone. I’ll try my best to achieve all these to accomplish my dream.

In addition to these steps, I would need to graduate highschool and apply for college. The options I have for college are UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and Sac State. I need to find the financial aid for  this colleges and also scholarships to pay the tuition and dorms. Researching more into these colleges to find which suits me will be the best option.

Not only do I have steps to make my dream come true, but I’ll also be needing help to make it come true. First of all I would need my parents help and support. I need my parents help and support because their like the building foundations that will accept my dream or not. They will be the ones who will help me get a car and help me find an apartment to live in. As long as i stay in contact and visit my parents I could still get help from them.

I would also need help from my dance instructor. She’s knows a lot about dance and college so she can help me with my dream. She can tell me what other steps to I need to take to achieve this dream. She helps me a lot she’s the sister I wish I had. I would like to achieve my goal and get the help i could get and support from friends and family. If that happens  everything will be alright.

I would like to achieve this dream and show the world how dancing is a form of art not just something you see on t.v that looks cool. Since freshman year I’ve dreamt of being a successful dancer and to have a dance room i could manage. I will achieve this fantastic dream of mine. With the help of friends and family and their support my dream can soon come true. Have you ever had a dream you can achieve in just few years and c=end up changing your life forever? 

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