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Why wrestling is the best high school sport

May 27, 2014
By Anonymous

Today many people don’t understand the sport of wrestling. Many people also do not have what it takes to complete one wrestling season. Wrestling is a very difficult sport that takes a lot of hard work to achieve goals, but when achieving goals a rewarding feeling comes over wrestlers. The hard work throughout the season is well worth it, and wrestlers are improving one meet to the next. Therefore, I believe that wrestling is the best high school sport because it is showing dedication, nutrition, strength.
Many wrestlers will say wrestling is a not a sport, it is a life style and that is because wrestling is all about dedication. “With wrestling, in practice you have to focus on technique and practice it over and over again until it becomes muscle memory”, (Mazeika). Wrestling takes a lot of repetition, and it requires practice every day with much prudence. If athletes do not show dedication to their teammates, and their self then they will show ignominy to their family and teammates.
Dedication is showing a tolerance of pain, and when wrestlers are dedicated they are improving theirself to be better (Timmermann). Wrestling is a great example of dedication because it shows that wrestling is hard, and everything wrestlers do is just making their self-better. Wrestlers have to be prepared for the future, because if wrestlers are working hard in the weight room every day they will see improvements. Wrestling is difficult and even though participants have to practice every day it is well worth it, and they have to resilient from the pain. The pain will emanate throughout one’s body, but it is only making wrestlers better. Wrestling is an individual sport, but it is also a team sport as well. Each member on the wrestling team has to work hard and have dedication to play their part so the team’s outcome will be successful. Athletes get to reach their own goals with dedication, and get to watch their fellow team mates improve and accomplish their personal goals. Dedication is the key factor in wrestling and that’s why it is the best high school sport for athletes.
Wrestlers also have to maintain their weight to wrestle in that weight class, therefore they have to know how to eat right. Wrestling is the best high school sport, because only wrestlers know good nutrition and what they need to eat to stay healthy. Wrestlers are getting all the right food in them by eating three times a day. Wrestlers need smaller portions of food and it needs to fuel their entire body for the whole day (Gattinella). In order to have sustenance for wrestling it is important to put the healthy foods in the body so one can wrestle six minute matches. The rectitude of getting enough food in your body is eating three small meals a day. In the morning a wrestler could have something small like an egg or two. Then they would have to obtain a few more calories, so a garden salad would be a great idea with some kind of meat. Lastly, for dinner, wrestlers should have chicken breast because that would be a good source of protein.
Wrestling also teaches good eating habits for the student's in high school. When wrestlers discern how much to eat then they are going to be able to lose a pound week. Therefore, a wrestler will put the right amount of calories in their body and not cut weight the wrong way because that would be a neophyte move. Wrestlers are the only athletes that know how to cut weight the proper way and they also know nutrition. "When you break it down easy, at like a pound or so a day, you'll feel a lot better" (Gattinella). If every athlete ate like this, there would be a lot of healthy kids. Wrestling is showing wrestlers and many other athletes that you don't need as much food and that they need smaller portions of food. Therefore, everybody and athletes would be cutting weight and losing fat.
Wrestlers also have to put the right kinds of foods in their stomachs. They can't put the junk food in their body because it's high on sugars. "If those calories are not nutrient dense calories but more empty calories, you will go for little while but you'll end up crashing.”(Murray). What he is trying to say is that if you put all of the sweet foods in your body, it's going to get used up quickly. Once the sugars are used up then you'll be really tired because it will take all of your energy. The sweet snacks that he was talking about were foods such as chips, cake, ice-cream, candy, Twinkies and other really high calorie snacks. They are also very high on sugars and wrestlers can have once in a while but it will make them slow and they can’t wrestle very well. Knowing from experience, eating junk food and trying to wrestle does not work out too well. It makes wrestlers dead after the second round because they will use up all of their energy. Therefore, it's very important to maintain a healthy eating habit and it will prove that it is the best high school sport.
On the other hand, many people believe that wrestling is a very easy sport and that it doesn’t show discipline. Wrestling has everything to do with discipline because wrestlers have to be hard on themselves and not do anything that would get them into trouble. Discipline is the practice of training people to obey the rules or a code of behavior, and using punishment to correct disobedience. People use discipline every day because they have to discipline their children a lot and themselves, but they don’t really see it that way. With wrestling, wrestlers have many things that they have to be disciplined about.
One reason why people think that wrestling doesn’t take discipline is because they don’t know what they have to go through. They are wrong because they have to watch what they can eat in four months and still practice really hard. Wrestlers have to eat chicken for the whole day, and then not eat anything for the next day. It is hard for anybody to go through that and do that, especially for not eating for 12 hours and then they have to weigh in and then they can eat. With this said, wrestlers still have a two hour practice that night and still go through an extremely hard work out. Wrestlers cannot eat although they are dying inside and they can’t force themselves to eat because that shows derogatory to their teammates and coach. Wrestlers could eat but they would just be giving up and not doing what is right and practicing what they need to be. That’s why they are showing discipline to their self and also their teammates. So it’s very important to train hard and be self-disciplined and also to your teammates so it’s very important to make weight.
Also, people think that wrestling doesn’t take discipline, but they are wrong. They don’t know that wrestlers have many rules to follow and if they don’t they are off of the team. Wrestlers have to be disciplined to not do anything stupid like going to parties, drinking alcohol and also smoking. It is very important that wrestlers egress on what they are doing so they don’t get into trouble. That would be gratuity of them if they ever did such a thing. Therefore, wrestlers have to be candid to their coach and also their teammates. If they were to do that they would be off the team and not be allowed to wrestle ever again for the season and it would be really hard to get back on the team for next season. “There has been a research done on the people who exercise daily has been better off in life, and they also make better judgments and have calmness and emotional maturity.” (fighting it with happier outlook) They are proving that working out every day helps them a lot, and that is showing discipline by doing that. Practicing everyday will teach them to work and not to make stupid decisions with friends and bad influences.
The last thing that is key for wrestlers is working out if wrestlers do not have a lot of strength the chances of them doing well is very slim. Working out is very important and when working out with the team it helps motivates for self-improvement for each member of the wrestling team. Any sport you need strength but with the sport wrestling it takes a great deal of strength. With wrestling the body is in the best shape it can possibly be in. So that will improve the overall well-being of their health. Wrestlers need upper body strength, legs strength, and abs and back muscles. It’s a sport that will push a wrestlers to their personal limits using all of their muscles at once. The reason why it is so hard is because wrestlers are pushing and pulling on each of the muscle groups. Every athlete has fast twitch and slow twitching muscles in the body. Wrestlers use slow twitch muscles and those are the muscles that need to last the longest, which are the endurance muscles. The fast twitch muscles are used to deliver power and are favored in explosion sports such as football, rugby, and hockey. The sports athletics can use slow twitch muscle fibers are wrestling and swimming and boxing. The physical component is a little under half of the battle to reach success in a wrestling match. This is why being physically strong is important in the sport of wrestling.
Wrestling also takes mental strength along with the physical strength. "Wrestling the man so much strength, and you need to have a lot of endurance and mental toughness." (Pilcher, k.) What the author was trying to say it that wrestlers need to be prepared for their match and go in knowing that it’s going to be a difficult match, but they can have success with hard work. They need to be prepared for each match by giving it everything they have, otherwise known as leaving anything on the table no matter what. What it means to have mental strength is to not break down show success and not let your opponent see the fear. The majority of success in a wrestling match is coming from mental strength. Mental strength over tops physical strength even though that is still important. If the wrestler doesn’t have mental strength their chances of only going on the physical strength might not be enough to reach success in a match. Wrestlers practice really hard and get beat up pretty well at practice and that takes a lot of mental toughness to overcome. Retribution will help a wrester in the long run by them understanding the importance of self-discipline. Therefore, wrestlers need to keep their composer. Wrestlers have to face the fact that in the sport there is always going to be ups and downs. Working hard and getting through obstacles is the key to success. Wrestlers learn the value of preparation and hard work, and this is all done by mental toughness. Wrestling is very hard; therefore kids are mundane to the hard work wrestlers put in.
Wrestling is the best high school sport out there because it teaches the athletic dedication, nutrition, and strength. Dedication is shown in this amazing sport by the all of the hard work that each member of the team puts in to it to reach the main goal success. Nutrition is the key in wrestling to stay healthy and reach the goal weight. If the wrestler doesn’t reach the weight needed, they are not only putting themselves in jeopoardy but also the entire team. Strength is also very important in this sport that can be broken down into physical strength and mental strength. Mental strength is more important than physical strength. People also don’t believe that wrestling takes a lot of discipline but I have explained that wrestling is all about discipline. Wrestling only teaches wrestlers to be aggressive for the matches, but most defiantly does not teach the wrestler to be violent. Hopefully people will become more knowledgeable about wrestling. I leave with unequivocal that wrestling is and always will be the best high school sport out there.


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