Salaries for Athletes

March 6, 2014
By Zachattack BRONZE, Bayside, Wisconsin
Zachattack BRONZE, Bayside, Wisconsin
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Salaries for Athletes

I think that salaries for athletes are fine. The better the player the more money. If you want the player badly enough, you get the right to pay him enough to pull him to your team. NASCAR has really weird salaries, they get money by winning races and getting sponsors. You really don’t have to be that good, because if you have a good sponsor, you can rack up the cash. I don’t even think that athletes care which team they play for. Whoever gives them the most money, they are going to sign with. That makes sense considering some athletes have spouses, or even children, which they have to provide for.
Athletes aren’t all that selfish considering their money goes toward their family. Aside from the salary, athletes get a lot of other free things too. Lets say you played for the Packers, all of the official Packers clothing, you get free from the team. You also get free meals on home and road games, they also get free transportation to the games, by bus or by plane. And they get free hotels, when they are traveling for a road game. Considering all of the free things that they get, maybe the salaries should be lower, but not by that much.

The most paid athlete in sports, is Floyd “Money” Mayweather. He can get up to 90 million dollars a fight. He also gets money from sponsors, and the people who televise the fight. So lets say that he has four fights a year, thats 360 million dollars a year. Know wonder his nickname is money.

Some other notable athletes that make boatloads of money are Drew Brees, Tiger Woods, Zack Greinke, LeBron James, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. They make from 20-70 million dollars a year.

In baseball, when you are a rookie, you are only allowed to make 300,000 dollars a year. I think that if you are good enough, you should be able to make more. There’s one player named Yasiel Puig. He will be really good, but right now he can’t make that much. So the dodgers are getting a good deal with him for this year.

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I wanted to right this because my friend brought up the topic to me.

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