Skiers, Snowboarder, Helmets?

March 5, 2014
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What could happen if skiers or snowboarders didn’t wear helmet? Helmets protect heads, are safety devices, and reduce the risks of injury. Before considering snowboarding or skiing without out a helmet people should contemplate what would happen if they were to fall on their head.

Helmets only protect heads. The most common injuries when out on the slopes are head and neck ones. Helmets only protect one's head and neck. It can’t free people from knee injuries. Some may misuse the definition of a helmet. The Merriam Webster dictionary definition is “A helmet is a hard hat that is worn to protect your head.” Therefore a helmet is to be worn on the head and will not protect the ribs, back, or legs. Remember what’s inside the head. It’s called a brain. Use it.

Helmets are safety devices. When going out on the mountain do people really want to risk breaking something? Helmets have been proven to alter a user’s behavior. Skiers and snowboarders can still get a head injury when they wear helmets. Helmets just decrease the odds. If they try to do something they’re not supposed to do they will get hurt. If they damage their brain they could potentially die. Helmets are precautionary devices.

Helmets reduce the risk of head and neck injuries by thirty-five percent. Helmets also reduce the severity of the most common injuries. Between two and five of every ten head injuries could be prevented if people wore helmets. Head and face injuries add up to twenty-two percent of all injuries in kids. Helmets protect against serious or fatal head injuries. Schumacher's doctors say that he would not have survived his fall if he hadn’t worn a helmet.
To avoid dying or suffering a serious head or neck injury while skiing or snowboarding, consider wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet while out on the mountain is a good idea. If a helmet is worn, someone’s life could be saved. Stay safe. Wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding.

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