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Female Football Rights

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I think that middle school and high school teams should have separate female football teams apart from the males. One, because I know that there is a football team that females can join, but males have pretty much taken over football anyway. I am a female and I would love to play football, but I would be the only female on the team, because most teams are made up of only males or very few females. Females that I know want to join football, but they feel like they would be made fun of because most of the males on the team have been playing since they could start. Obviously a female on the team would not be as good as the male. It is also uncomfortable being a female and playing football with a male. Males have to use certain protection different from what a female does because of how they physically are. I know that I don’t want to play with the guys and feel different from the rest of my team.
Another thing is that if you have a female linebacker that’s 140 pounds at the maximum and a male linebacker that’s 210 pounds at the maximum. The female had no chance to take the male down. Females are built differently physically. Usually a female doesn’t weigh as much as a male, even if they’re the same age.

I also feel like people in general don’t think that females should play football. But were all equal, aren’t we? They tell us that were all equal, but there still aren’t equal rights. Females can be just as good as males can be in football with the same training. Females are equal to males. I think that a lot of females would be very good at football even though we usually aren’t as big as the males we could still make our own football history if society would just let us. I hope that in the future there will be a separate football team for females and males. I know that if there is, I will definitely join and so will many of my friends. Females aren’t just meant to be pretty, were smart and good at many other things too. Not just males make history, there are people like Rosa Parks and Helen Keller, and they made history. These aren’t the only females that have made history. There are many more, but there isn’t really any female football history. I think there should be and I hope more people take notice in this.

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Period 4 Title said...
today at 10:38 am
I think women should be allowed to play in the NFL. There are a couple reasons why i think this. Women are just as strong as men. Girls/women play the same exact sports as men too. If there were more women they would probably make the same as men do at every single game. There arent many girls/women playing football because they think it is stupid and they dont play boy/men sports. It is kind of like saying that women arent good as men and women arent good enough.People say women arent strong en... (more »)
mammmshhshhs said...
Jan. 13, 2014 at 7:57 pm
It was amazing the best football story ever I totally agree
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