November 1, 2013
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Basketball is my favorite sport, I love everything about it. Basketball is not only something that I play but it’s something that I do. When I step out onto the court I am a new person, an energized “maniac”. When I become mad or even upset I play basketball, it’s something that just simply calms me down. Playing well is what everyone wants to do, but that doesn’t come easy. Winning is all that matters. Winning isn't something that comes easily it comes with hard work and preparation. Not only basketball but life in general, life itself isn't about waiting around and waiting for things to happen it’s about going out and just doing it.

My best basketball season was last year, I averaged about 15 points and about 5 assist every game. I want to praise my coach. He let me thrive in the offense and made not only me but our team work hard and compete in everything we did. We made the championship and ended up losing in the late minutes of the game. It still burns to this day to even talk about a loss like that but it's over and it is time to move on. The new basketball season is coming up and it brings new expectations and goals that you need to make/exceede. It's a new time to forget about the past and move on to the next day. I want to win that's all I ever ask for in life and basketball is the sure way to win for me.

If you want to be the best and only the best you can do whatever you set your mind to. I play other sports in the fall and in the spring but I play basketball year round. I come home from football practice, I play basketball, I come home from baseball practice, I play basketball. I am dedicated to the sport and the sport is dedicated to me.

Basketball isn't just a game, it's a life style. I play the game to win and nothing less. I will be going places with this game in life, just know it. Dedication, hard work, and even a little luck will get you places in life. Basketball makes me who I am and who I will be.

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