Baseball Throughout the Year

June 6, 2013
By Joe Carissimi BRONZE, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
Joe Carissimi BRONZE, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
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Baseball through out the year.

I love baseball. I love in the spring when the air is still chilly, but the smell of leather and oil starts to fill the cool air. Baseball gloves are broken out, and then broken in. New bats are being shined and ready for the start of a new season. The ball comes out of its winter hibernation place, and the pop of a ball hitting a glove fills the streets once again.

Then it rolls into late spring, when the weather starts to warm up, and the leathery smell of gloves encases every room in every house. The fields start to be raked, and hosed, and before you know it, the cracking of wooden bats against hard balls echoes throughout towns on afternoons, and cold nights.

Then summer rolls in, when the best baseball is played. The salty smell of sunflower seeds can be smelt from anywhere in town. The pop of a bat fills fields, and stadiums, filled with cheers and the smell of hot dogs and cracker jacks. And everyone is chewing gum, and any warm night is perfect for a baseball catch, or pickup game. And everyone shows their support for their favorite team with a baseball cap. And the sun is warm but it won’t stop anyone from playing a fourth of July game. The stale sand lots, and dry grass fields, are always filled to the maximum limit with kids ready to play the game they love, because In America, baseball isn’t just any sport. It’s a part of culture.

And then the weather cools down, and so does baseball, but it isn’t over just yet. The World Series is always good for a thrill, and kids still line the streets having catches with their friends and fathers.

The author's comments:
I Love baseball obviously. I wrote this piece about the changing seasons connecting to baseball.

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