A state of peace

June 4, 2013
Walking into the bright lights on a massive stage, in front of many people, may be scary the first time you do it. Most people hate being singled out in front of even 2 people! I, however, am addicted to being on stage. Dancing on stage, specifically. The moment the music starts to play and I start to spin and glide across the floor everything is gone but me. Pains, worries, regrets, and heart ache. It is the one place where I feel completely ME. Yeah that might sound really dorky but it's true. Everyone should have the chance to experience that feeling in their life. A feeling of complete and utter peace where nothing can touch you and no one can harm you. It's as if God had sent down his angels to form a protective shield around me. I have found the thing I love to do the most. I think that if everyone had the chance to discover what they like to do the most, the world would be a happier place.

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