Boxing shouldn't be bad

May 31, 2013
History of Boxing and If It Should Keep Going

Boxing has been around for a long time. As long as there have been people wanting to fight. People would watch in amazement as one person got knocked out or as they took hard hits over and over again. Its a dying sport and I think it should be brought back to peoples attention. People are trying to get rid of it because of the serious injuries that are found later in life and how People have corrupted it so many times before they think it would be able to be corrupted just as easy again.

Some reasons boxing should not be banned is because it is a form of life for some people. It can be all they know! They sign a waiver saying that can be seriously hurt or killed and they know that but they still take the risks because they know its worth it. They get paid well too. Boxing has been in the Olympics since 1906 which is over 100 years. That's a pretty long time. Maybe not as long as wrestling but people still train to become stars whether you are trying for the World Title or the Olympics. Boxing is also one of those things that have helped bring people out of poverty and saved them. Think of Rocky. That movie gets people crazy because of how a man who didn't have anything became one of the most respected fighters around and was so passionate about it that he would stick with it even until he was Its a form of self defense too just like Tae Kwan Doe or Karate. It Keeps kids off the streets too because they would rather be there then do drugs or something bad on the streets.

Some reasons for it being bad is the serious injury that comes along with the sport or the fact that it is very violent. Those are the only reasons people come up with though. No one has anything else to say.

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