The Goal

May 20, 2013
By Anonymous


The ball is played into play the uproar coming from the shed end emotions are on edge. The 50 million pound man had not scored in a fortnight. Criticized by all nerves on edge. The weight of west London on his back trying to get the monkey off of his back. The raw emotion of any goal is indescribable this was like nothing I had even seen. Fernando Torres had not scored since his move to Chelsea…. Until one Saturday morning after I had gotten surgery the previous day. This goal was enough to get me out of my seat and yelling at the top of my lungs despite the surgery I had on my mouth. This is why football is the greatest sport I don’t get chills from any other sport. I cannot describe why I get chills when a goal is scored you may call me weird. But it is a passion a love a tradition no American sporting atmosphere you can compare it to.

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Chelsea FC

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