Outrageous NFL Rules

April 23, 2013
By Grayson Cook BRONZE, Lake View, Alabama
Grayson Cook BRONZE, Lake View, Alabama
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Outrageous NFL Rules

The NFL is changing and not for the better. The rules coming out of the NFL in recent years are turning professional football into a sissy sport. The rules about defenseless players or the new running back rule about them leading into contact with the crown of their head when running the ball is ridiculous. Now with these rules coming into play officials are being stressed to call penalties on big hits wether it was a penalty or not.

In the NFL, there is a rule in place for defenseless players. For some players like quarterback, kickers, or punters this is a good rule, but for wide receivers, it is taking away from the game of football. Because when a wide receiver goes up to catch a pass, a safety or a defensive back is not able to make a play. They have to wait for the receiver to catch the ball and become a runner before they can try and tackle the wide receiver. This rule is stated in the NFL rulebook in rule 12, section 2, article 7.

Now with that rule in place more pass plays are going for 20+ yards then ever before. One thing that should change is to get referees to call a penalty unless it was flagrantly or it looked like the tackle was intentionally made to injure someone. The bad thing is that referees will have to make tough decisions on the field and on the fly then being told directly what the penalty looks like.

Another reason is that the wide receivers could find a different position on the field then taking the easy route and become a receiver. There are over 150 wide receivers entering the draft this year and that is more then any other skill position. The reason for that is the plays that an NFL wide receivers are able to make under the new rules.

The newest and most controversial rule this year is the crown of the helmet rule. This is that a running back cannot lower his head outside the tackle box and initiate contact with a defender. The only good part about this rule is that is the only rule for the defense in recent years.

The bad thing about this rule is many running backs yards come from after they contact a defender. What do they do to break contact a defender? They lower their shoulders and their head a run over the person trying to tackle them. After this rule was brought up in the NFL meetings many players soon took to socials media to voice their opinion and al most every running back was appalled by the rule. Some saying the NFL is going to become the National Flag Football League in the next couple of years.

The rules that the NFL is coming out with are overall unnecessary and not wanted. It is keeping players safe but this is football a full-contact sport. The NFL will soon become the NFFL or National Flag Football League.

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