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Sports Affection

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I’m waiting for the gun to pop off on the track field in front of thousands of people so I can start running my race, then BANG the gun went off. I started running and getting faster and faster then there’s 40 meters to go left and I’m almost there and at a blink of an eye I won my hand held high happy. There are many ways sports can affect your life in a physically, and emotionally and better your life. Sports can better your physically and emotionally.

Sports can help you be active more in life because you are opening up and showing the coaches what you have and your skills also. With teens you can play a lot of sports and you will be opening like won’t be scared and be you’re self. Playing a sport makes you better at it even if you never knew how to play the game or knew about it. Sports play a major role in life it will help you understand the game make you understand life and name of the sport also. This example show’s why sports help you live a more active life instead of being boring (Diranian).

Sports can help you get good grades in school and also keep you out of trouble. Playing sports for a school changes a lot it affects you in a good way. You can have straight “D’s” and by playing a sport that helps you build up your grades and get to a “B” or “A”. Sports help you better in school physically because let’s say you being a dumb A and you playing a sport you not going to be able to play because the way you acting in school. Being a part of a sport you shouldn’t be acting dumb because it’s a like a fairy tale that you probably dream of being a part of a team (Swanbrow).

Sports can help you dream big such as to go to college. If teen’s parent can’t afford for the teen to go to college sports can really help that for a scholarship. If you are a really good at a sport you will scouted by colleges and they will give you a scholarship to whatever college accept you or wants you. Once they're there they can take advantage of all the opportunities the school has to offer. Like I said before sports help you get better at it in practice all those practice’s you had will really help you and hopefully gets you a scholarship. Also it helps you make your parents and family proud of you. These examples show’s how sports can help you dream big (Baker)

Sports help you dream big and also play a major rule in teen’s life. While playing a sport you will dream big like wanting to come to college play in the MLB, NFL, and NBA or even run in the Olympics. . There are many ways sports can affect your life in a physically, emotionally, and mentally and better your life in so many ways.

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