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March 16, 2013
“Running sucks,” is what I hear most people say. Yes, it's tiring and your legs are sore after it. But, if you run everyday, it becomes almost a life style. The muscles in your legs loosen up, and accept each step you take, but they still know your limits. After the run you have, you are out of breath, and you have sweat and possibly a little dirt on your forehead. It feels wonderful. You finished! The endorphins are working, and you feel so happy and proud of yourself! Congratulations, you should feel proud. Proud that, despite what others say about running, you got up the courage and did it. And it wasn't half bad! I love running. Although there are some days that I'd rather fall to the ground and sleep, I love it. I love the bonds I create with my running partners, and I love the run itself. Most of all, I love the races. Oh, the races. As I walk up to the starting line, I feel the butterflies. I try to stop them by concentrating, but they don't leave. I jump around, and can't seem to stand still. Then, the gun shoots. Off everyone goes. I don't want to use up my energy right at the beginning, so I pace myself. I feel slow, being behind so many people, but that doesn't change anything. Others around me are getting tired, so I begin passing them, one by one, or two by two. It feels amazing. The end of the race comes, the final kick. It becomes the final battle, to see who saved up the most energy. Not all end in victory. In fact, I get passed by a few people at that kick. None of that matters, as long as I try my best, and my time isn't horrible. This is what I do, and it's what I'm known for. Runners are known as runners, and that is fine by me. I'm proud of it. I'm proud to say that I can run eight miles. So, if someone thinks that running sucks, I only hope one day they can feel the sweet taste of victory, whether it be by passing others, or just finishing the race.

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