March 8, 2013
By Garrett Fels SILVER, Rolla, Missouri
Garrett Fels SILVER, Rolla, Missouri
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It’s rare to see soccer on TV in the U.S. think you would watch F.C. Barcelona battling Manchester United at Camp Nou? I can already hear your answers. My fellow xAmericans you don’t give soccer a chance I’ll tell you why it’s not looked at and the problems with that, also what the steps are to fix the problems.

First, it’s not very often that you turn on your TV to see a soccer game. If you were to ask anyone in the United States what the score was of any recently played soccer game, they most likely couldn’t tell you. But if you were to ask them about baseball or football they could tell you. Soccer leagues only have a contract to show games with three channels on American cable TV. This makes it difficult to try and find the game. American cable companies need to go out and get contracts with leagues and show games. They need to give us a chance to at least see this sport and have a chance to see if we might get interested. I know I’m not the only one that wants to watch. If you give Americans a little tasting of what this amazing game is like, they might just like it more.

Another problem is, college soccer isn’t covered like the other college sports in this country. When have you ever heard about the soccer National Championship? You most likely haven’t. Everyone knows about March Madness or the Football National Championship, but I didn’t even see the soccer National championship on TV! This lack of publicity of college soccer leads to bad professional soccer play by the United States. Because we don’t get players starting at the age where they begin the process to become a world class player. The MLS frankly, is a league that all the big name Leagues laugh at. This also has to deal with our productivity as an International team. We are currently ranked 33rd in FIFA’s national ranking. You’d think that with such a big country like the United States we could have a soccer team that could do more than just make the opponent’s teams fan happy. Hopefully they will make us Americans proud. And this starts I believe with making college soccer in the United States a bigger deal. IF more people watch, and more people get interested, and more kids start to play, and we might just get a player who is better than the rest. But he’s playing the wrong sport. We need more showing and we need more publicity to get the people of the U.S. interested. I love this game and I wished the country I loved would respect and excel with it.

I do feel like there have been some improvements, though. Nowadays more and more kids are starting to play. That’s what we need. We need more kids getting better and playing at a younger age, we need this country to fall in love with the game. All around the world people play it. I mean Heck, In England, if you mention the wrong club at the wrong time, riots break out. This game just needs to be shown to the American public. If people don’t like it, then they don’t, but they should be given the chance to decide.

The author's comments:
i love soccer and was thinking on how much this beautiful game is over looked and underrated. And I want this to change. So i decided to write about it.

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