February 25, 2013
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We all have our favorite hobbies. Wither it be surfing, skating, sports, music, art, and even writing. We all express ourselves in different ways imaginable. We are all unique. And we can all inspire.

Interests and hobbies define who we are. Who we are in our personalities, and characteristics. Now, for a second, think abou your life without your favorite hobby. Pretty boring huh? You couldn't be yourself without it right? Yeah, did you ever wonder that your hobby is a talent of yours. Or a hidden gift maybe? Well, it is.

My favorite hobby is skate boarding. It's my escape. I can express myself through cruising, hand plants, and slides. I have priceless memories of the wind in my face and freedom in my bones. Isn't that what you feel too? Don't you feel a sense of freedom?

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