We Need Sports Teams In Middle School

February 7, 2013
By Delanie Hemmer BRONZE, Kirkwood, Missouri
Delanie Hemmer BRONZE, Kirkwood, Missouri
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Imagine a middle school where kids are active after school instead of sitting on the couch playing video games. Where kids enter high school with the skills they need to be successful. Where kids are working together toward a common goal, instead of getting involved in teenage drama. This could be real, if middle schools had competitive sports teams. They would improve kids’ health, prepare them better for the demands of high school, and foster a greater sense of community.

First competitive teams would enable you to be more physically and emotionally healthy. More sports in middle school would allow kids to stay active. With sports we could have work out times and you would have more freedoms to do what you want to focus on in the fitness center. If you were a big sports player in high school it would give you something to take your mind off of all the drama that comes with school and gives you something to work at. It would help you make better lifestyle. Boost your self-confidence by playing in front of a crowd filled with tons of cheering people. The exciting part is you will be ready for all of the pep-rallies in high school. It would give you something to do after school instead of going to Downtown Kirkwood, laying on the couch watching TV or texting your friends. This is how you could be a better athlete and lead a healthier life style.

If we had more sports teams in middle school we would have more preparation for high school teams. You would become a better athlete because you would have the practice you need for it in middle school. The high school coaches and players could come and watch you play so they know that your good case you were having a horrible day on high school try outs. You would have more responsibilities that your parents would have to trust you more. High school students and coaches could help the middle schoolers during practice. You would have to show your parents that you could manage doing all your school work, keep up your grades while still juggling the team. Sports teams would also help you with your social interactions. You would learn to get alone with your team mates and already be used to how they play and how you would work together as a team better for high school. This is why we should have sports teams in middle school to prepare you for high school.

The whistle blew after the twenty-fifth point was scored. North Kirkwood Middle School just beat the best team in the league, the crowd goes crazy. This can be a reality if we have sports teams in middle school because it will prepare students for high school, help kids be physically and emotionally healthy, and the obstacles that stand in the way can be easily solved.

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I wanted sports teams in middle school.

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kazdp said...
on Feb. 23 2013 at 9:27 am
kazdp, Tokyo, Alaska
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I have the same idea as you.

First of all, I want you to understand I am Japanese and may make a mistake about grammar.

My experienece of belonging to soccer team in elementary school give me a lot of important things to communicate with others well.

In Japan now, there are many problems caused by lack of communication skil.

Your opinon will be helpfu to Japan ultimately ha ha.


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