Lacrosse Stick

January 15, 2013
Some may say that a dog is man’s best friend. To some, this may be true, but a certain kind of man has a best friend which is his lacrosse stick. Yes, a stick cannot move on its own and is an inanimate object, but the man to stick connection is like no other.

A lacrosse stick is a customizable extension of the body that allows you to perform complex tricks, if you have enough skill. Composed of several parts, a lacrosse stick can be assembled any way you would like. There are many different styles, colors, heads, shafts, and stringing to choose from. The stringing is the part that holds and cradles the hard rubber ball. With lots of practice, you can learn to string your own stick and tweak it to your liking to improve your game.

There are several head and shaft designs you can combine and create the most efficient stick. There are three main positions on the lacrosse field. The type of stick you use all depends on the position that you play. Attackmen use short sticks with a regular head. Defensive players have a long stick with a regular head, which in all adds to a length of six feet. Goalies on the other hand, have a medium length stick and a much larger head. Attackmen have to be able to protect the ball in their stick, that’s why they have a smaller stick. In opposition, the defender needs to take that ball away from the attackmen. The goalie’s large head allows them to save the ball from going into the goal. Choose the parts that best work for you.

As a lacrosse player you have to be very close to your lacrosse stick. Without it, there would be no lacrosse. The lacrosse stick is a tool of finesse and power.

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