Sweet Sixteen

January 21, 2013
By Zoey Ciemny BRONZE, Woodbridge, Virginia
Zoey Ciemny BRONZE, Woodbridge, Virginia
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So it has come to this- A new chapter in life. Nine days away from the sweet sixteen age. Hopefully the year that follows this birthday will live up to its name and as sweetly as possible.

And I can notice already how great it feels to have roadblocks of responsibility there for the building. It’s like among clear pathways, there are choices to be taken; opportunities to act upon. And for me there is nearly no better feeling (at least that I can tell from so far) than that of taking charge and putting some kind of heavenly order into the world. Whether that be as small as a smile, or as big as creating a new organization for something.

I think that if you are thinking of life more in short-term purposes, the goal should be to have your clothes dirty by the end of the day.

The author's comments:
I wrote this before I turned sixteen. It is a piece about summer, and about philosophically living for the sake of the world around you. It's about experiencing your surroundings, and having fun. It's an opinion of how to live each day.

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