December 28, 2012
By Anonymous

In 776 B.C. the Ancient Greeks invented the Olympics. The Ancient Olympics occurred in the remote area of north-west Peloponnese, which was difficult to reach by foot. There were ways the modern Olympics differed and were similar to the Ancient Olympics; however the Ancient Greek competitors would be very surprised if they saw today’s modern competitors.
The Ancient Olympics were very similar to today’s Olympics. During the Ancient Olympics there were many festivals and celebrations; the same is true for the modern Olympics. The ancient Olympics used the 200 meter sprint, which is also used in the modern Olympics. The ancient athletes made an oath to play fairly. The same is true today.
The Ancient Olympics were very different from today’s Olympics. In ancient Olympics there were on 10 events, today there are substantially more events. Today the athletes are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, they also receive flowers. The ancient athletes were awarded a wreath of olive leaves that they wore on their head. The ancient Olympics were strictly for men as far as the athletics and combat sporting events were concerned. Women weren’t allowed to watch because the athletes such as the boxers and wrestlers were nude. The ancient Greek work for “to exercise” meant “to be stark naked.” Today clothing is required.
I think the Ancient Olympians would be astonished at today’s modern athletes. The modern athletes have the advantage of technology and physics. The record for today’s discus throw is almost three times longer than the ancient Greeks record. Today’s runners such as Usain Bolt would dominate the track over the Ancient runners.
There are many ways the Ancient Olympians would have reacted to today’s runners. There are also many ways today’s Olympics are different and similar to Ancient athletes. If the Ancient Olympians had better technology then it might have been a more even playing ground. If we competed against the Ancient athletes we would probably win by a large amount.

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