Parents Coaching Their Kid's Team Isn't a Good Idea

December 21, 2012
By , Lakewood, CO
When parents coach their kids team its not a good thing. Even if they are a wonderful coach they won’t be if their kid is involved .They will be biased, they will make bad decisions for the team, or maybe they will not pick one kid who is better over their kid to do some important job.

They think their kid is the best because it’s their kid so they must be better. Right? Of course! Do to the fact that they are blinded by the fact that it is their kid and they want them to succeed and thats a good thing just not for anybody else.

I get that maybe they are really better but in the cases that they are not it messes up other peoples opportunities to do well with the sport.

Studies show that parental involvement is important but there can be too much. When there is too much it may make the kid not like the sport because they feel too pushed to do it or maybe the other kids begin to dislike it because there are not equal chances.

It is ok for them to coach if they can separate the parent from the coach and do what is best for everybody. If they can't do that i think that the other parents need to step in and do something if they want it to stop or go the whoever runs what organization they play for.

Winning isn't everything. But lets be honest nobody likes to lose. Especially if it could have been avoided or if it wasn't because of bad coaching. Plus kids will generally not like it if they lose all the time or are treated unfairly.

So lets not let parents coach, because in the end it won't do the team any good or allow the other players do get better, all it will do is give the coach/parent a chance to make their kid look like a superstar. Or at least try to.

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BCW21 said...
Mar. 14, 2016 at 8:47 am
Actually, this is not completely true. I've played hockey for about 4 years now, my dad being my coach for all 4 years, and he has never been biased or thought I was the best just because I am his kid. No, that's not how it's worked. Sure, I get some parents might do that, but I don't think that your claim is completely rock-solid.
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