Americas Pastime

December 5, 2012
By Anonymous

What is America’s past time? Not hockey, not basketball, not football (including college), and not curling, no, its baseball. I know it’s not baseball season, but why is Sportscenter College Football Re-Wind (when it’s not college football live) or Football Today (which it is Sundays.) Why is there no baseball? There was a huge trade with the Miami Marlins and the Toronto Blue Jays the crew of Sportscenter spent a total of one to three minutes a DAY on it when the trade talks of this went for a few days. Meanwhile, when Tim Tebow was being traded from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets, that’s all what you would hear.
The Miami Marlins were giving away shortstop Jose Reyes, Starting pitcher Josh Johnson, and pitcher Mark Burley. Jose Reyes was just signed with the Marlins almost a year ago, from their division rival team the New York Mets. For football fans, that’s like Eli Manning going to the New York Jets. Apparently, that’s not important because seeing if a back-up lineman for a division three team is ready or not to play because of an “injury”. All the Sportscenter people talk about is the NFL (National Football League)

Sunday the 25 of November, 2012 ESPN had to but all the highlights of basketball into one or five minutes, all the six games didn’t have enough time to get their own slot because there too much controversy about a freshman named Jonny Manzel, a quarterback for Texas A&M going to win the Heisman trophy. No freshman has ever won the Heisman, but still, Sportscenter doesn’t need to spend a half hour on that specific topic. By now, because of Sportscenter and their college football 24/7has said the name of the quarterback of West Virginia Geno Smith has become a household name and it didn’t help that he had an article of him in SportsIllistrated. I get it that he threw six touchdown passes on one game, I know it’s amazing but you don’t need to spend six weeks on that specific performance when you have other players.

Sportscenter also has another football prodigy. Tim Tebow. In the summer, that’s what you would see. Now, a football team that is currently out of the playoffs and has the record of 4-7 of week 13. Sportscenter went so far with him that the crew of Sportscenter showed Tim Tebow running shirtless in the rain, over and over again. Meme’s would target him to make fun of him and to make everyone remember how bad he is. I know with the Lockout in hockey now there is less to show with the highlights, but you also have basketball whose highlights were cramped into five minutes. Football has its own network. ESPN is for all sports. Not just for one or two.

I know people enjoy their football, like seeing if Collin Keapernick will take the starting quarterback position over Alex Smith for the San Francisco 49ers.(Witch he did) I do too, want to see what would happen, but some people like me want to see other sports like basketball, and with some NHL (National Hockey League) being in the minors playing, why not show their games. The cast of ESPN spent at least 5 minutes backing on Kaepernick because he has tattoos. My friend who loves hockey is dying because of the lockout. There is a reason why there is a channel called the NFL Network.

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