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October 14, 2012
By Volleyballer4 BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
Volleyballer4 BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
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I call to my setter as the ball makes a rainbow on the way to her awaiting hands. I believe sports are a gateway to confidence, sociality, and happiness. Playing sports has made me more confident, especially in the sports I play very well, like volleyball. Also, in sports I make friends both in-school and out of school sports. Lastly, there is nothing I would rather do than certain sports, which are exceedingly fun in my mind. Sports are a huge part of my life and in an amazing way as well!

Sports are games in which you play with a team and help evolve one’s fitness levels, both internally and externally. It took me a while to find “my” sport, but when I found it I gained a lot of confidence. I used to be self-conscious about my height, thinking I was “too tall” or out of sorts to everyone else. Now that I play my favorite sport, volleyball, and I am the tallest out of both JV and Varsity, I consider myself fortunate to be quite tall and I even wish to grow more! Playing volleyball well, I believe has given me confidence. Also, I am rather quiet and shy and sports have forced me to be more social and outgoing. I came to a new school this school year and playing a sport in the summer and into the fall has helped me socially. Sports help me and others grow socially through the game. I have made new friends and have gotten opportunities to bond and have fun with my team outside of practice. Finally, I believe sports make everyone happy, if you have the passion! When I step onto the open court after an interminably endless school day, I feel my happiest and I never want the game to end. Personally, I believe that the most fun you can have is when you are doing something you absolutely love! For me, my “true love” is volleyball! Sports have made my world a happier place to be.

I believe sports are colossally helpful in all aspects of life! Sports get you physically fit and gets you mentally active! Along with playing sports come confidence, a social boost, and joyous thrill. Playing a competitive sport has taught me to use my time wisely and has helped me gain confidence by working hard on the court and in the classroom. Playing a team sport allows me to meet people with my hobbies and make nice friends with my common interests. I believe there is no better feeling then making a kill, a hard block, or a great recovery pass. My dream is to carry out my love for volleyball throughout high school and hopefully college! I approach the ball taking a deep breath as I do and jump as high as I can, reaching the ball at its peak and slamming it down;

“tick tick boom!”

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a high school essay for my honors English class. I wrote it based on my passion for volleyball. Enjoy!

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