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October 14, 2012
By chewy8121 BRONZE, Mansfield, Massachusetts
chewy8121 BRONZE, Mansfield, Massachusetts
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I believe that exercise is a way to help escape your crazy life. No matter what you do, exercise helps you to forget whatever else is on your mind and focus on what you are doing. To get my exercise I like to run. Running allows me to enjoy nature. Looking at colorful trees, a pond with steam rising from it on a cold morning and animals scampering around makes me feel peaceful and all the problems in my life seem to go away or lessen their effect on me. Sometimes I also close my eyes and just listen to the sounds of birds or a river flowing. The sights and sounds of these things are soothing when I run. Also exercise helps increase your endurance, strength, speed and flexibility. Running helps increase your endurance, which is the ability to keep a steady pace of jogging for a longer amount of time. After I had been running for about two months, I realized that I was able to run longer distances faster. Other exercises like yoga, weight lifting and sprints can help with flexibility, strength and speed. I am able to apply these skills that I learned from running to help me in my daily life to deal with issues better. Another benefit of exercise is that it helps prevent disease by relieving stress. It keeps your blood moving smoothly which helps against cardiovascular disease. Diseases like strokes, type II diabetes, depression, some types of cancer and arthritis are lessened with exercise. Additionally, exercise improves your mood and your energy level by relieving stress. Physical activity stimulates brains cells and makes you happier. It also makes you feel better about your appearance and that can boost your confidence. With more confidence you feel like you can take on the world. Furthermore exercise can also help you have a deeper, more restful sleep because you are tired and your mind is clearer. After a good night's sleep, everything seems less crazy when you wake up the next morning. Moreover, exercise is important because it gives me something to do when I am mad or upset. Doing push-ups and sit-ups gives me a way to release my anger in a productive manner. Finally exercise is fun. There is nothing like doing an activity you love to do. Often I get a feeling inside me that makes me want to stop doing whatever I'm doing and go play soccer. Without exercise in my life I would not have an outlet for dealing with all the stress in my life.

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