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October 11, 2012
By Colin Cannata BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
Colin Cannata BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Colin Cannata
This I Believe
I believe that playing sports is important to a healthy and enjoyable life style. One reason I believe this because I have made so many friends through sports. I am still very close to a lot of them and some of them have become almost like family. Being on a team is a special kind of bond. I always have my team mate’s backs and we all push each other to be better. This especially applies in hockey. There have been situations where opposing players will take a cheap shot on one of my team mates. In this situation you have to step up for your team mate and protect him whether it results in you getting a penalty or even being thrown out of the game. To me this relates to everyday life situations where you need to be able to help out a friend and have his back.
Also I believe playing sports is important because they make you feel better and look better. Practice and games keep you active while you are doing something you love. In my opinion it’s a lot easier to intensely practice for a sport than it is to get up to work out alone. Sports give you something to work for and be dedicated to.
Finally sports have presented me with several opportunities, such as the Little League World Series. It was a once in a life time opportunity and it was amazing. I met kids from across the globe and played in front of 40,000 people. That night when I laid down in the dorm after our game I thought to myself “I did it. I achieved my dream from day one of playing sports and I am here living it out.” I had worked all my life and through a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make it to this moment in my life. The experience taught me several lessons. I realized to never give up and to always work as hard as you can, because it truly does pay off. My summer was consumed by baseball with one and sometimes two practices a day but it did not bother me. I was with a team full of friends that I had a blast with and enjoyed competing with. That summer and all of my other years of sports have taught me life lessons. I now truly know what it means to fight for something you want. Several times we were down and looked like out but we had heart and we used it to our advantage. This lesson truly does translate to other parts of life and I was lucky to learn it at a young age.
Sports are everything to me and without them I don’t know where my life would be right now. Fortunately I do not have to worry because my life is fully consumed by practicing, playing, watching, and analyzing sports.

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