The Importance of Sports

October 11, 2012
By john17 BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
john17 BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
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The Importance of Sports

Most people wouldn’t think that sports and a successful business career could go hand and hand, but it’s true. While playing sports, important qualities of businessmen can be acquired. Qualities like leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and perseverance. I believe these assets gained from playing a sport can help prepare you for a successful career.

Leadership is a necessary component in order for any team to function. Every team needs someone who can take charge of the players and be their captain. It is his responsibility to run the practices and pregame warm-ups, and if the team is losing, he is the one who picks them up and gets their heads back in the game. There is one requirement of any captain; they need to have self-confidence. Without this, he wouldn’t trust in himself to make important decisions for the team. If he can’t make those decisions his position of captain is totally useless.

Teamwork is a quality definitely learned from playing a sport. Players need to know how to work together in order to succeed. If they can learn to work as one, their performance will be at its best. In order for the team to achieve this, there has to be mutual respect and trust between the players. Without respect, teammates will look upon one another as if they aren’t good or that they don’t deserve to be on the team. Players with this mentality work as individuals, and the team doesn’t function properly.

Responsibility is an important quality to have. In baseball, some of these responsibilities include showing up on time to games, trying your hardest, and going to games. If you don’t follow these obligations, you show disrespect and lack dedication to the team. For instance, showing up late to games and practices show that you don’t care to make an effort for the team and that you don’t respect other players and coaches time. When you show this disrespect, your teammates will give it back, and they wont trust you to be a reliable player for the team.

Finally all players need to have a passion and desire to persevere at their sport. They need to put in the time and effort to make themselves better. You cannot get better at something unless you practice it and try your hardest. If players do not do this they are not only letting themselves down but they’re also letting the team down. This is because every player has a specific role on the team, and whatever you do will then have a direct affect on it. This affect could be a positive or a negative. For instance, if you make that spectacular catch, hit that homerun, or turn the double play it will help the team, but if you strike out, make errors, or don’t throw strikes it, you are only making things harder on your teammates.

Playing a sport isn’t only enjoyable; it is a way to gain important qualities. These qualities can get you into a business, and allow you to expand within it. Enabling you to not only succeed, but to excel in your business career.

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