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October 11, 2012
By Jared Finnerty BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
Jared Finnerty BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
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Is it possible that sports can have hidden advantages? Yes, I believe that playing sports can have many advantages that we might not think of. The most obvious way it is helpful is you are living a healthy lifestyle. Playing sports helps you be active which is good for you. A second way that sports can be helpful is it helps you become more social and make more friends. Playing sports gets kids to interact with other kids from different towns that wouldn’t normally be friends. I have played baseball for many years. I first started playing against other towns when I was nine and we would play Northbridge many times and I became friends with kids on their team. I can remember one game that before the game we talked to the kids on Northbridge just about regular things like we were friends. Without playing baseball I would never have met the kids on Northbridge and the kids on my own team. Since I did not attend public school, I didn’t know anybody on the team and I am now good friends with everyone on the team. By the end of the year my first year I felt like I had known those kids my whole life. I also play AAU baseball and there are kids from all different towns that I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t played baseball.

Playing sports also helps me because it gets my mind off of other things for an hour or two and I can just have fun. Even if you aren’t particularly good at sports or athletic you can still play, still have fun and still have all of the advantages to playing sports. I find that playing sports is a good way to get together with my friends and have fun even if it is just going to the park and scrimmaging. I also think it is good because if you play well than you will feel good about yourself. I feel that playing a sport is the best way to get off the couch and do something which will make you healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. I think that it is a good way to be active and the more that you are active the more you want to be active and you become healthier. When I am sitting on the couch and watching television or playing video games I don’t feel like doing anything but if I am playing a sport then I want to get up and do something. Playing sports is really fun for me to play and I know that it is good for me in two ways.

I feel that everyone should try to play a sport or be active because of the advantages that it would give you. I have so many more friends because I play sports not only in my town but also that live in different towns. Without having played baseball and basketball I would only have friends from school and I have many more friends because of it. Playing sports has helped me be more social and be healthier and it has affected my life in a positive way. Playing sports may be fun but it is doing more to help you then you might realize.

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