The Glory Of Point Shoes

September 10, 2012
By megan schulz BRONZE, Waddel, Arizona
megan schulz BRONZE, Waddel, Arizona
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Into the shoe it goes! Adrenaline pumping, nerves racking, and feet already tired.

I can’t wait until i get out of these shoes! But then again, I love them. When I stand up on them, my tears start to poor. “ You are so lucky to be on pointe, i wish i was on point!” they said, i would say something like this, “ well it is a pleasure sometimes but others, consider yourself lucky!” Its not like i had anything against point , its just, it hurts! Everytime i take my pointe shoes off, i have bubbly blisters and blood in the shoe.

However, people on pointe are gifted, not to mention talented. We don’t have just any feet, we have what is called an arch. When your foot bones and ligaments are developed, your can be on point. I love being on point, you are advanced in not just ballet, jazz, tumbling, tap, hip-hop, and other genres!

What are pointe shoes you ask? They are where you put the shoe on and theres wood at the top, and you put a protective guard on your toes, and you go up on top of your toes. Its painful , but your privileged. You would be so lucky to be at that level. But there are some bad times during the class.

Oh the glory of pointe shoes.....

The author's comments:
point shoes are pain full but they are amazing

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