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May 25, 2012
By Mitch21 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mitch21 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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The BCS was implemented after the 1997 season when the Michigan Wolverines and the Nebraska Cornhuskers shared the National championship. The BCS is designed to pit the top two teams head to head in a championship game. There are also four other games where the other top eight teams play. They are the Rose Bowl, Sugar bowl, Orange Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl. These games put the other top eight teams to face off. But, the BCS does not give smaller schools a chance to play for the title. In 2008, the Utah Utes went a perfect 12 and zero and did not play for the title because there schedule was week. They did, however, play in the Sugar Bowl and beat Alabama 31-17. The current BCS system is not fair to all teams and there has to be a playoff system involved.

First, one loss may affect a team and leave them out of the National Championship game. For teams like the USC Trojans, their season ended with only one blemish against the Oregon State Beavers. This game was a close one as well ending with a score of 27 to 21. This game kept them out of the championship game and put them in the Rose Bowl where they beat the Penn State Nittany Lions. The Fans were outraged with the result and demanded a playoff system to be put in place.

But, a playoff system would cost a lot more money for the schools and cities. This would be made up with the amount of attendance and revenue. In a strong college football fan base, there are over 1,000,000 fans including the alumni and students. This means that two schools clashing in a playoff game would sell out in tickets. Also people are going to want to buy merchandise and food as well. The game will pay the city back for the money it spent on bringing the game there.

Next, some schools make a weaker schedule to get into the championship. For teams in the SEC (South Eastern Conference), there is no question they have a hard schedule. Teams like Alabama who won the National Championship two times in the last three years, or LSU, who is the conference-defending champion, proves that the SEC is the best conference. But for teams in the Big East are questioned to play for the title. The Big East currently has no teams ranked in the top 25 in any poll. They have yet to prove that little teams in small conferences have the right to play for the National Championship.

Third, all other sports have a playoff system involved but college football. If you look at March Madness it gives everyone a chance to play for the championship. In 2011, the men VCU basketball team made it to the final four as san eleven-seeded team. They beat three ranked teams and proved to everyone that the little schools can play for the title. This is only one historic memory of a under rated team proving that they belong in the national spotlight.

Finally, those are only some of the many reasons that the Bowl Championship Series strongly needs a playoff system involved. Teams like the 2008 Utah Utes have never gotten the chance to play in the national title game even though they did not loose one game that season. Teams that do play for the title are usually in a stronger conference and play tougher teams. A playoff would mean different teams would play for the national championship each year and not the same teams like Alabama. For years now, people have demanded playoffs and they make a strong case.

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