Dear New York

May 23, 2012
By Anonymous

I would like to personally thank you dirty scumbags for almost ruining the career of a young football player. How dare you stick your knee out in front of a player that is sprinting down the field? You are almost a bigger cheater than Bill Belichick. You lost your job, which was a good thing, but then you get hired again. Who would want a coach that acts like an immature teenage boy? I don’t usually hold grudges against people but when you are that stupid to risk another players career I cant wish anything good upon you. You got fined $25,000 but that will not pay for your god-forsaken acts. You did start to tear up in front of the media but you will never be forgiven in my heart.

So much for going to the Super Bowl huh? You make your wild predictions at the beginning of the season and when you can’t even make the playoffs you keep your loudmouths shut. After we ran you up and down the field on the last regular season game and you guys missed the playoffs I could see the fear in your eyes. After the game you probably had an in-depth conversation with your wives feet. I’m not the one to point out personnel things but when you have such a loud mouth that you can't shut up you deserve it. You coaching staff is full of idiots and cheaters. I wish you the worse of luck next year.

The author's comments:
I hate the jets.

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