Dreaming Between The Ropes

April 19, 2012
By taker20-0 BRONZE, Hemet, California
taker20-0 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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“Have you ever experienced that one defining moment in life? That extraordinary event that captures your heart and lives in your soul until the day you die? For these men and woman, WrestleMania is that moment. A 20-foot ring of canvas and steel is their stage and their battlefields. For some, it feels like home…Once inside these ropes a moment can last for a lifetime. The reward for success can be great, but the price of failure is always devastating…For some, it’s the convolution of a life long dream, and at least for one, the dream will end.”

-Jesse Ventura

Every time I read that quote by the famous Jesse Ventura-former WWF commentator- I get goosebumps. That feeling of hope and dreams gets to me…always. That sums up the dream of being a professional wrestler. How dreams of stepping into that 20 x 20 foot ring can indeed be accomplished. How a life long dream can actually turn into a full blown reality… A dream I one day hope to accomplish.

Yeah I said it. That’s my dream. To step into that cold mesh of steel, canvas, and ropes. To one day lace my boots up , but on a pair of knees pads and one elbow pad and wrestle to my hearts content. The dream of one day electrifying the crowds, causing the “ohhs”, the “ahhs”, the cheers and the boos, of one day being “sports entertainer”(as they love to call it nowadays).

One day I will be able do a suplex, or a hip toss, an arm drag, and maybe even a piledriver. I don’t know. But one day, I do want to walk out of that curtain, adrenaline rushing, my bare flesh and bulging muscles( wink wink) exposed to the world, my boots laced up tight and the cold breeze hugging my skin like a blanket, walking down that ramp and getting in-between those ropes. One day I’ll live that dream.

I’ll electrify the crowd and lay the smackthdown on my opponent just like The Rock did, stomp a mudhole and walk it dry like Stone Cold Steve Austin did, or show the world that I am indeed that darn good just like Triple H still does. That one day will be me in that ring…

“Unless you’ve stepped inside this ring, you can never really understand it’s allure. For those few who have , it’s considered an honor and a privilege. To them, this is sacred ground. Inside this tiny square, dreams come alive…and also end. But the experience to live the dream, even for just one day, that’s what makes these people…so special.”

-Jesse Ventura

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