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March 27, 2012
By Natalie Sampson BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
Natalie Sampson BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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The overwhelming smell of fresh cut hay, the Bermuda and Alfalfa square bales stacked against the south wall, with cat tunnels winding through them like a maze. As I walk in the tack room, I am instantly hit with the smell of leather and saddle soap. Through the wooden stall doors, calves greet me. They watch my every move, waiting for the sound of feed to hit their trough. Looking over the fence calves run and buck without a worry in the world. The horses are grazing with the wind blowing through their manes and tails. The sight of all this instantly brings peace and it’s just like a dream. It’s my safe haven, my serenity, and it’s my home!

The barn is a very busy place and it always has something going on in it, like clipping calves and rodeo days where everyone is in a hurry to saddle, load, and go. The smell of show sprays on the animals and the time spent taming young calves. The excitement and adrenaline I get when I have earned their trust. The hard work and dedication of earning those animals trust is not looked at close enough by others. I am earning their trust and I have no way of communication with a 1500 pound animal. This is a gift many people don’t understand, and it’s my life.

One major factor I love about the barn is my horses. The sense of pride I feel when I ride them it makes me happy that I can carry on the next generation of cowboy in my family. My horses are my like my biggest fans and I know that they truly love me for me without any judgment. Many people don’t understand my passion and they call it weird way of life, but they have never had the feeling of a giant horse recognizing you out of a crowd of people and only allow you to hear them. When I am with them I turn into a whole different person, the kind of person I truly want to be.

My passion and purpose in my life may be different, but it’s a type of different I would never trade for. My love for animals and for tradition will never change, even though the world around me is changing every day. My home is where I have learned many life lessons that I will use my entire life and I hope to carry out the cowboy tradition to others.

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