Gale Sayers

March 26, 2012
By Anonymous

One of the main characters from the movie “Brian’s Song,” is Gale Sayers, a rookie football player for the Chicago Bears. Another football player for the Chicago Bears, a white man named Brian Piccolo, becomes best friends with Gale. Gale ends up getting hurt while playing football, and Brian is right by his side. Later on, Brain gets cancer and Gale is right by his side until his death. Throughout the movie, Gale Sayers becomes a wonderful person because of his great traits, such as his loyalty, being shy, and others trust him.

Gale Sayers is a very loyal man to his friends. When he damaged his knee and leg, Brian was there to help him recover. Gale listened to all of his advice and took it to heart. Brian pushed Gale to get better and stronger, and Gale ended up getting well again. Gale was playing on the Chicago Bears in no time. Gale is also loyal because he was there to help Brian when he needed it. Brian was getting mad that Gale had more play time in football. Gale tells Brian that he will get better and to keep trying and practice hard. Gale was there when Brian was terribly sick too. Brian had gotten cancer and it devastated Gale. Gale was there for Brian the entire time. He sat by his bedside, talked to him, and made him laugh even though he had to have two surgeries. Gale called Brian as much as he could. Gale listened to Brian’s wife when she asked if Gale would be there when Brian found out about his second surgery. Gale Sayers is a man that will be loyal to his friends and always be there for them.

Gale’s family and friends can trust him. When Gale first started playing for the Chicago Bears, the coach asked Gale and Brian if they would room together. Brian liked and trusted Gale enough that he did end up rooming with him. There had never been a black man room with a white man in football. It was just unheard of. Later on, the coach called Gale into his office. They needed to have a very serious conversation that the coach wanted to tell Gale first because he trusted Gale. The coach had to tell him about Brian getting cancer. Gale was shocked. He hadn’t seen it coming and he was so upset that his best friend had gotten sick. Gale would not let Brian go through it all without him though. When Brian had to go into his second surgery, Brian’s wife didn’t want to be the one to tell him. She called Gale and asked him if he would be there and tell him with her by his side. Brian’s wife really wanted Gale to be there for Brian. Brian’s wife had come to trust Gale also. Gale Sayer’s not only cared about his friends, he received trust from them and was always there for them.

When Gale first started football, he was very shy. When Brian came up to him to talk, the only response Brian had gotten was “Uh-huh.” As they got to know each other better, Gale came “into his own.” He began to talk to Brian more and more. Brian still talked more than Gale, but at least Gale was making progress. When Gale had gotten his first award, Brian had helped him write a speech. Gale and Brian had practiced and practiced. When Gale got up to say his speak and receive his award, he became super shy and froze up. He said about five words and then walked off stage. Brian was having a heart attack because he was laughing so hard. Gale Sayers was once a very shy man, and then he came into his own and has finally opened up.

I have learned that even though there are some really great things in life, there are also very bad things in life. You just have to make the best out of the bad things. I also learned that when your friends or family are sick or down in the dumps, you have to be there and support and care for them. Overall, I think that Gale Sayers is a very great guy and many people can learn a lot from him.

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