Gale Sayers

March 26, 2012
In the movie Brian’s Song, Gale Sayers was Brian Piccolo’s best friend, roommate, and teammate. Gale Sayers played as a halfback for the Chicago Bears in 1965- 1969. Gale was injured during his 1968 and 1969 NFL seasons both due to his knee. When he was hurt, his friend Brian helped rehabilitate him back into shape to start the next season. However, for his second knee injury Brian wasn’t there to help him rehabilitate back again because Brian was diagnosed with cancer Gale poses to be a strong, encouraging, and a caring person.

Gale Sayers is a very encouraging person to his friend Brian Piccolo. Some things that Gale has helped Brian through his tragic times of his life. Like when Brian was upset that he didn’t start on offense but Gale did. Before Brian could start, he had to get some training and motivation, which is where Gale steps in. Brian really needed the help of Gale to get through his hard times with sports and motivation to get through the hard parts of his career and life at home.

Gale Sayers is also one strong hearted man in the movie. He was injured during the movie and even though he was hurt and looked like he was down for the punt he kept fighting. He managed to come back and play again for the Bears. He was hurt with his knee hurt and he hardly showed it when he played until it got worse and worse and even then he was a leader in yards and touchdowns. When he got very severely injured and had to put a cast on his leg. He still kept the leg in shape so when he got it off he could continue right away with the football season.

Gale Sayers was sad at the end for many reasons. One reason he was sad was he was injured for one season and was sad that he could not play for his team that needed him. He was also very hurt when his teammate and best friend Brian Piccolo was diagnosed with cancer during the season. Gale was devastated when this news reached him, but Gale didn’t give up on his friend he kept helping him through it.

All in all very good and a very inspiring, I learned that this character is a go warm hearted person and is loyal to his friends. He also won’t back down for something just because it is a difficulty and is something hard to do. He influenced me to not give up on anything even if you are injured or can’t continue on you should at least try to do the best you can do. This movie is great and very inspiring to anyone who watches it.

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