The Career of Basketball

March 1, 2012
The career of basketball is intense. Through the eyes I see is playing basketball. I used to think that the game only meant dribbling a ball. It all changed one day when it was a game intense that you could express your emotions out on the court. Feeling happy, sad, angry or humble altogether changed my mind. Something makes me happy or humble to see the ball go into the net. The first time made me angry and sad because I felt embarrass to lose by twenty points but seeing me make my first shot gave me hope to keep on trying. My older brother-in-law came to me and explained an older basketball player saw the game as just another game. That player was Derrick Rose who was humble, giving, and thoughtful to his family, friends, teammates, home, and God. He is my role model today and I hope to be like him as everyday I give it my best but treat every game as another. Two years later I learned a lot but struggle most of the time but give all the will to make every game I play a good game. Everyday I step onto the court I feel like a new person has come out of me but a new game starts. Every game I play I give all the will I can give but if the game rests on me then it’s a new level I have to play. Even one mistake can mess the play up but I remind myself to have fun. Everyone has a different style of play you might shoot, pass or play defenses but whatever you do prove that you can play. If anyone reads this don’t follow what I follow because you are the one who can control yourself. Some people succeed in life but others may take a turn for the worst but never back down just keep on getting up.

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IzzyDash said...
Mar. 28, 2012 at 6:37 pm
Very nice! I'm 14 and about to go on to High School and ever since I was 3 I loved basketball. I can relate to your story also.Out there on the court you got to give 110% every game on minus well not play at all.But the real important thing is to just have fun!
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