Being a Fan.

February 28, 2012
By spencer dotseth BRONZE, St.Paul, Minnesota
spencer dotseth BRONZE, St.Paul, Minnesota
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It’s the fourth quarter, the third period, the ninth inning; this is where the excitement comes when being a fan. This is the moment that your team could hold on and win it or lose in the last second. That short period of time is where you get the feeling of “Oh my gosh they did it!” and your heart is racing 100,000 miles per hour. Or you get the cold, paralyzing feeling of heartbreak. The feeling of “OH MY GOSH THEY LOST, HOW” and then comes the feeling of “Oh-no-my-friends-are-going-to-mock-me-tomorrow-for-this-game."

Yes, I can go into so much detail because I have been part of the losing club wayyyyyy to many times. But people need to think better of fans because they have the heart, the courage, the hope that most people don’t have. The major fans would be good in every day jobs if people encouraged them to show those same feelings of heart, courage, and hope to work. Business workers would work harder for their companies and think of their company as trying to get them to the Super Bowl. They would put hope into co-workers when times feel tough for them. Life in the office would be better with the spirit of the fan.

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