Race Against the Race- Greyhounds Need Love Too

January 27, 2012
By Anonymous

Greyhound racing is a cruel sport that many states ban. Unfortunately, Florida is not one of them. Yes, there are upsides to this horrid game- more jobs made, more money distributed, but what about the actual stars of the show? You would think that after a day of running, the house pets would come home to a house full of loving owners, greeted by a full bowl of water and the best dog food along with some kibble or a bone for desert. Then the dog goes to lie down in a soft bed, resting for the next race in a few days. WRONG!!! Those lovable animals run from 2am to 11 at night. After one race ends, the dog is thrown in the kennels, along with the worst dog food packed with steroids. If they are lucky they get a bit of water as well. And if they travel; the dogs are stuffed into the back of a truck with no air conditioning or paw room. These wonderful creatures that are suppose to live for 12 years end up living 3-5 because of the lack of food, water, sleep, rest, and love. This is slavery, and last it was checked, slavery is illegal. All men are treated equally, so shouldn't that be the same for his best friend too? The dogs that race in those greyhound racing rinks have fallen victim to the humans' greed for money. For the people out there that agree; start petitions in your community and make sure you title it "Race Against The Race Petition". Yes, one or two people can't really make a different, but if you just TRY, you can see how clearly you and those signatures can be heard.

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