The Importance of the Throw

January 8, 2012
By Anonymous

The key to winning football games in the NFL is having a star quarterback. Patience is the key factor that makes high-quality quarterbacks in the league, and Aaron Rodgers has some of the best patience in the NFL. Smart throwing is vital for the offense to work efficiently and the Packers are proving this philosophy each week by blowing out the opposition. In recent years, football has shifted from running the ball to calmly sitting in the pocket waiting for receivers to become open. The Packers have perfected this shift into new era football the best in the league and this season is proof.

Having an outstanding defense doesn’t make a team good; it’s all about the offense. The offense with an experienced quarterback who makes smart decisions and has ability to back his decisions will prosper in the NFL. The Packers are running the table in the 2011-2012 season at 13-0 because of their consistent and skillful quarterbacking from Rodgers.

In the article Aaron Rodgers 2011: The deceptively simple secret to the Green Bay quarterback’s success, Barry Petchesky says, “The key to the Packers steamroller is deceptively simple: patience.” This patience stems from Rodgers ability to scan the field for open receivers and make smart decisions while defensive linemen barrel down on him. The new era quarterback is “big, strong, and unafraid of getting hit” according to Petchesky. Rodgers size makes him patient in the pocket: It greatly enhances his ability to wait for the receiver that has the best chance of making the catch.

With one of the best offenses in the league, the Packers continue to dominate despite having one of the worst overall defenses. The Packers offensive philosophy has helped them win regardless of their defensive downfalls and this success has come from Rodgers ability on the field.

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