sports are my life

January 5, 2012
I don't take a lot of things too serious but there is one i do, Sports are pretty much my life and I don't know what I would do if they weren't in my life. I do everything I can to get better and I put in more then the required hours everyday.

I'm going to be the youngest boy starting on the varsity football team next year which i think i deserve since I’ve been working so hard for so long to get here where i am. Last year in a football game i broke my ankle, i went to the ER and they said nothing was wrong. I went on playing football for the next couple weeks as the pain started getting worse with every step. My doctor recommended that i went to a specialist and sat out until then. The doctor didn’t have an opening for about a month and i sat out and did nothing until then during that month i realized how important sports really are to me, the month passed and i went to the doctors and they said my ankle was broken in two places and that i also sprained and tore all the ligaments in the front of my ankle and that i would be out of sports for possibly another 5 months. i went to practice everyday and watched the team practice it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do watching one of the things I’m most passionate about knowing i couldn’t do it for anther 5 months and that all the hard work that i had done and went through i would have to start off at step one all over again. I think I take football so serious because I've been playing it for six years and I’ve grown more passionate for the game over all the years also because it feels so good to work so hard for a week and then get that win on game day.

Also I've been playing baseball since I was five. Baseball is a mental game and teaches players disciple and respect. It teaches players that hard work and long hours of practice pay off and good sportsmanship. Baseball grows a bond between a team through all the ups and downs and all the wins and loses. Baseball is probably the longest three hours of your life threw all nine innings. It’s a team sport that every player can make a difference in.

If school sports were canceled kids wouldn’t have any reason to maintain there grades and nothing to look forward to on Friday nights. Kids would not be in good physical shape and kids that are less fortunate and didn’t have as much money wouldn’t have the opportunity to earn scholarships through sports and have the opportunity to make something out of there life’s. kids wouldn’t grow that bond that we have now with there coaches and friends.

Without sports kids would be more likely to be on the streets more getting in trouble and be getting more exposed to drugs and violence. Without sports kids would never realize how far you can go as a team, and wouldn’t realize that respect and discipline can get you far in life.

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