The Mile-High Messiah vs. A-rod

December 13, 2011
By , Broomfield, CO
These two stars have more in common than you think, but how do the odds stack up?

It seems as if all you ever hear about (now a days) is the talk of the incredible, almighty Tim Tebow. If you live in Colorado or any other state in the U.S. There is a good chance that you've heard this young mans name before. The young quarterback for the Denver Broncos leaves people everywhere speechless. How does he do it? This is maybe one of the best and hardest questions of the year and maybe the decade, if you pay attention to sports. The “Mile-High Messiah” is good, no question about it, but how does he compare to the NFL's best quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Both Tim Tebow and Aaron Rodgers are very good quarterbacks, but both with very different styles of play. Before Tebow got on a role, he was most notably known for running the football. In one of the early games in which Tebow started, they ran the ball almost the whole game. The Broncos had about four total connected passes. The crazy thing is that they came out on top! Tebow is young, fast, and a good decision maker but is still learning and adjusting to the bigger and harder hitting league. Rodgers, however, comes from a different background as Tebow. Tim Tebow started after the first three, not so great, games performed by Kyle Orton. Ever since his start on game four, Tim's record is an incredible 7-1. Aaron Rodgers on the other hand started last year after the retirement of Brett Favre. That season he took his Packers to the Super Bowl and defeated the Steelers. This season, Rodgers is a whopping 13-0! Both quarterbacks put up outstanding records and feats since their starting career in the NFL.

Tim Tebow is a good runner but he fairs pretty well when he throws the football. He rarely ever throws interceptions (1) and throws great outside passes to the sideline. Unfortunately, his receivers have had some problems holding onto the football, resulting in plenty of in-completions. Aaron Rodgers stacks up better compared to Tebow. Rodgers is, without a doubt, the best quarterback in the NFL. With a perfect record of 13-0, he has only thrown five interceptions. He has also thrown for 37 touchdowns. Rodgers' completion percent is 70.6% while Tebow's is 48.6%. These numbers aren't bad for Tebow considering the fact that he is more of a conservative runner than passer.

Both quarterbacks are similar in some ways. Despite the numbers, they have some resemblances. Both Tim Tebow and Aaron Rodgers have recently been blessed with the starting quarterback position. Aaron Rodgers has more experience but they were both named starters in out-of-the-blue scenarios. Both quarterbacks have great game time decisions. Whether they should chuck it down field for a 50/50, up for grabs ball and hope their teammate can come down with it or be conservative with the ball in a tight game and either get rid of it or run it. Whatever the case is, Tebow and Rodgers are very good at the decisions they make.

Its also hard to compare these two amazing quarterbacks for one reason: they both play for entirely different teams. Both teams, the Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers have different styles in which they play the game. I think its safe to say that the Packers are the better team here. However, I wouldn't count the Broncos out yet. There are now the division leaders and that means they will make the playoffs. Hopefully they will get far. It would be really neat if they played the pack in the the Super Bowl.

You can't make it in the football game if you never get recognized. Tim Tebow and Aaron Rodgers, in my opinion, are the best, most talked about quarterbacks and maybe even all around players in the NFL. This is an amazing feat for both players. Tebow is now gaining more followers and “Tebow-lievers” than any other player. Aaron Rodgers has a lot of respect as well. He came out of the blue and surprised a lot of people including all of Wisconsin pretty much. Both quarterbacks should be really proud of what they have done for their teams, states, and fans.

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