Why the Packer's Undefeated Season Came to an End

December 21, 2011
By 4SPORTS14 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
4SPORTS14 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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Maybe it’s a good thing that the Green Bay Packer’s undefeated season came to an end. Why? Because that “perfection monkey” is off of their backs. But what are the reasons that the Packers are now 13-1? Well, first of all, they have starting lineman that are injured. Chad Clifton, Bryan Baluga, and T.J. Lang played his first snap at right tackle. The Packer’s receivers dropped so many catchable balls, and sometimes, Aaron Rodgers’ passes were off. They absolutely could not convert on 3rd and 4th downs. A lot of the refs calls were terrible, especially the ones on Jordy Nelson’s offensive pass interference’s? What most people saw was that Nelson barely touched the defender. The Packer’s offensive line is totally jacked. They have people playing positions that they aren't used to, because of injuries. And because of that, Rodger’s got sacked way too many times. Now for the Packer’s defense. Terrible, simply terrible. There was always one guy left open on the Chief’s offense. The defense also missed so many tackles that could’ve been a big factor. But like I said, it could be a good thing that theyre 13-1.

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