Unknown Feelings

December 6, 2011
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Football was created in 1879 by Walter Camp, player and coach at Yale University. The sport was unpopular at the beginning for its brutal and intense spirit. Ever since the start of football, rules have been changed to make the game more interesting and to implement better safety for the players. Most play the sport of football for the lack of rules. Football is for people who like having to sacrifice their own bodies to help the team. The game was created for fans and players to enjoy big hits and lots of action. There is a quote about football which states, “Don't play football if you don't like getting hurt.” Football is a physical game. There are ways in which the fans can experience football indirectly, either by playing video games, or getting season tickets to watch their favorite team. There are things that only people who play football can experience. These phenomena go far beyond the actual game. One can never experience these without playing the sport. For all the football players reading this, you know exactly what I am talking about.

As one watches football on Friday, Saturday or Sunday you don't realize how fast the game is moving. I am not speaking about the time it takes the clock to wind down or how quickly the players run, but the sheer pace of the game. When you play football you must have absolute focus. The fumbles and interceptions occur when that one guy takes his mind off the game for just a few seconds. You blink and someone runs right by you. Not only is it fast paced, football is more violent than any fan could ever imagine. Many times fans don't see the small punches in piles, or eye gouging between the linemen. When you enter the field you feel as though you are going to war. A feeling that you will never return to the sidelines overcomes you. My coach always told us, “Keep your heads on a swivel!” Expect to get hit if you don't look out. You better believe I knew where every opposing player was at all times so I didn't get popped.

There is no feeling like making a big play in a game. It is the best feeling one can experience. Why do you think there is such a thing as a touchdown dance? You know everyone saw it, everyone heard your name called out over the loud speaker, and when you get back to the sidelines your teammates all give you a pat on the back. If it's really good you will get acknowledgment from the head coach. To be able to know you were the biggest man on the field for that play is overpowering. You feel as though you could accomplish any task put before you. It may seem like a selfish feeling, but you are more proud for accomplishing something for the team than you are for any personal reasons. You made the team that much closer to getting the win.

The best part of football is the brotherhood. I would do absolutely anything for my teammates. I know they feel the same about me too. For nine months out of the year I spend more time with them than anyone else. I feel this is what makes football so fantastic. The game is very emotional. Never is there a lull in emotions during a game, whether winning or loosing. When you get butterflies as soon as the ball is kicked off, you know you have ten other guys along side you who will fight to the death for you. About thirty more are waiting on the sideline hungry for action. It is hard to explain, but I have a very different relationship with the people I play football with from my closest friends. Instead of teammates they are more like brothers. It is incredible that in under a year, one creates a relationship with his teammates that will last forever.

Football is a great sport that only a chosen few get to truly experience. The feelings that occur on the field and in the locker room only happen during football season. Never again will I experience these feelings, for I will never play again. If I could give any advice to someone it would be to try playing football. I promise you won't regret it. You will learn and experience things you couldn't do without playing the wonderful sport of football.

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