stereotypes against volleyball players

September 26, 2011
A lot of people stereotype. It’s what you're surrounded by at school, work, church, etc. It also varies between how judgmental a person can be based upon their opinion; good or bad.
The one sport that is stereotyped by many is volleyball. The first question is, why? The most popular answer is: we’re homosexual. ** Is it because we wear spandex uniforms? Is it because we do a quick slap on the butt telling them good game? You call that being “gay”?
You see the NFL players doing it on national television and other football players who do encouragement like volleyball players do. What’s the difference? Gender is the only thing that separates the two from each other. It frustrates me that a local radio station broadcasted a public question for people’s opinions: Are volleyball players lesbians or bisexuals? Yes, they literally asked that and ironically my volleyball team was on our school bus heading to an away game when we heard that. I can tell you that the majority of volleyball players ARE NOT homosexuals or bisexuals just because of the two factors stated above. If some girls are, so what! But that leads into another controversial argument that I won’t get into due to the fact that it’ll end up being a cat fight. So what I’m asking you Teen Ink writers, readers, and fans, please give me your feedback. What is your view upon this subject? Do you stereotype volleyball players based on their uniform and/or encouragement on the court? Comments about this are welcome because I want to know what others think about volleyball girls.

**(Note: this is used lightly and is not thrown out to discriminate those who are homosexual or bisexual. Please do not take in offense in this article. This is a personal issue I have become angry about, as well as others who are homosexual and heterosexual) **

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