In like a minnow, out like a shark

May 10, 2011
By aschmeeds GOLD, Grimes, Iowa
aschmeeds GOLD, Grimes, Iowa
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I am on a white block, my hands in front of me, bending down, slowly leaning forward ready to pounce like a jaguar, with my right foot in front of me, and my left foot behind me. I hear the horn blow. Before I know it, I am in the air with my hands on top of each other in front of me. I am flying in the air with my head tucked between my arms. Before I know it, I am in the blue. I move like a dolphin in the ocean, fins together slowly coming up to breathe I come up from under the blue and move like a shark on top, arms moving like a shark fin, bending back and scooping and gliding against the blue. My legs move up and down like flippers, kicking under the clear liquid. I put my face back in the coolness of the blue while I kick, and do a summersault. My legs fling in the air. I then push off and move like a dolphin once again.
I am now a shark aggressively hitting and kicking the cool clear chemical filled ocean. I tilt my head, blow air out of my mouth, and see the many faces that are watching me. I put my face back under. I move like a shark again. My flippers and fins move faster than ever before. I aggressively race against the water. I look back. I see the others moving like minoes. I tilt my head, and catch my breath. I go back under the clear river moving my fins and kicking my flippers aggressively. I am towards the end. I put my hand on the wall. I climb out, as the crowd cheers. I look back and the minoes touch the wall 10 seconds after me. I hear cheers and laughter and I see smiling faces. The other Jaguars congratulate me. I sit down, rub the red marks under my eyes, and cheer for the jaguars! We are the Jefferson jaguars. We are a team. We work together. We support and encourage each other. The results are in, the winners are the JHS Jaguars! We dive into the river like sharks, and move peacefully like minos through the clear cool lake. I climb out, and look around. I smell chlorine, I taste the chlorine as I cough, and I feel the chlorine dripping down the blue and white drag suit that represents our team. We are the JHS Jaguars! We are a team!

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