Make the Game Fair

May 13, 2011
By Anonymous

From elementary school till the last day walking, “Try your hardest,” is pounded into the molding minds of our future adults. In sports, especially. Unfortunately, the hardest workers are not always the ones that get their fair spot in their sport. A person should not be able to get a spot on a team simply because the coach knows them, or they are well-liked. America needs to make athletics fair again!

Sports start at an age as early of six years and can go until the day of the person’s passing away. Sadly enough, athlete discrimination starts as early as six. Six year old children are being discriminated against when really they should be simply learning the criteria of the sport they are doing. This causes insecurity and arguments among parents and athletes. At that age the offense is serious, but not as serious as the act at an older age. Just wait high school athletics get much worse.

At the high school level, sports are more than just a good time … it can also be money. Once an athlete reaches the high school, concerns such as scholarships for college become a role. If the athlete does not get the opportunity to perform, they are missing out on their chance for scholarships. In some instances an athlete might be picked because of senority instead of their abilities in the sport. That can be vise versa as well.

The American citizens need to take a stand for our upcoming future and make sports fair! If a person hasn’t had a chance in a game that you are watching, step up. Make the call to make our future athletics fair and true.

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