For the Love of the Game

May 2, 2011
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The age-old topic of girls versus boys has always been a heated topic of discussion, especially when it comes to sports. There have always been separate sports teams for both genders in almost every sport. The only real sport were girls and boys can compete together is in NASCAR races; however it’s not exactly a contact sport. I fail to understand why high school girls and boys are separated when it comes to contact sports. Religion is one reason for the separation. For example, an Iowa high school wrestler, Joel Northrup, refused to compete in a tournament against Cassy Herkelman because he believes it to be wrong to inflict violence upon a girl. Cassy was one of two girls who qualified for the tournament, the first time in its 91-year history.

Another reason for the gender separation is alleged difference in strength. It’s not fair to discriminate against girls because of the stereotype that they are all delicate flowers that have to be protected. I think that high schools should let girls compete in contact sports with boys because girls are capable of being just as strong as any boy, if not stronger. The difference in rules for girls and boys contact sports is not always best thing. In boy’s lacrosse, all players are required to wear a helmet, a mouth guard, and shoulder and chest pads. For girl’s lacrosse however, all players only have to wear goggles and a mouth guard, except for the goalie. If boys have so much protection, why don’t girls? They are subject to almost the same conditions, and yet the girls don’t have head protection. If boys and girls could play together, they would be equally protected. Girls and boys should be able to play in contact sports together so that girls could get the same worldwide recognition as boys.

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