Title IX

April 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Do you know what Title IX is? Do you know how this has changed the many lives of women everyday? Title IX is a law that states, "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance..." —United States Code Section 20. There are most definitely people that would oppose this law, but most can agree. There should not be discrimination to women, and there shouldn’t have been from the start. Title IX provides women freedom to be able to do whatever men can do.

Discrimination among women is huge and men feel that some sports should be kept for just men only. “The 1960’s were an especially important decade for transformations in American society, which supported the institution and protected of broad civil rights.” (Title IX: An Overview, Aliprandini, Michael) In 1972, less than 30,000 women nationwide participated in college athletics, while 170,000 men participated, according to the Washington Post. Now that Title IX is active, today more than 180,000 women play sports sponsored by their colleges. ”Women are 45 percent of the athletes at NCAA Division 1 institutions…” (Title IX: An Overview, Aliprandini, Michael) This shows that women have wanted to be involved in sports for a while. The number of women playing in college sports has increased 150,000 since Title IX started. This shows that women really have fought and are completely against the discrimination.

“The law is applicable to all schools, colleges, and universities that receive federal funding, and it covers a wide range of issues in its goal of providing non-gender-biased education… It also forbids sexual harassment and provides equal treatment for pregnant women”. (Title IX: An Overview, Aliprandini, Michael) So along with sports, this law also deals with equal education, and equal treatment with women in general and even pregnant women. Statistics show how after Title IX was passed, more women were involved in sports all around America and more women felt that they had more freedom. Title IX was not ratified by the states for a long time. “That same year, Congress also passed Title IX of the Higher Education Act. The unprecedented law, enforced in 1975, made it illegal for federally funded educational institutions to discriminate based on gender.” (Title IX: An Overview, Aliprandini, Michael) So in conclusion, Title IX protected women’s discrimination for sports, education, or any activity receiving federal assistance.

"The program [Title IX] has transformed into having the reverse effect on men's sports, which have experienced budget cuts or have had their programs eliminated all together." (Title IX Hurts Men’s sports, Foley, Sara) Some people think Title IX is perfect, but actually, it’s far from it. While Title IX provides money and sports and education for women without discrimination, it’s ruining men’s sports by the moment. While this law aids female athletic departments, it will also cut men’s sports budgets and sports clubs. Wrestling teams file law suits all the time, because of Title IX eliminating their programs. The law by now has already helped so many women, now women don’t even need Title IX’s assistance. If that law was gone, women would still continue to be playing sports that they want to. And in addition it would bring back budgets and male programs that got eliminated a while back. “The suggestions raised by the commission head in the right direction ... By adopting a more relaxed attitude toward Title IX enforcement, schools will take steps to achieve equality instead of merely proclaiming compliance with it.” (Title IX Hurts Men’s sports, Foley, Sara).

As supported by the research, Title IX provides women freedom to be able to do whatever men can do. Women benefit from the law and men don’t. But as always, there has to be two sides to the story. Title IX protects women against discrimination in sports and education. As well as having men’s sports being taken away. Title IX is always going to be there for the extra support, but it is not necessary; women can get away with playing men’s sports a lot easier now. This law has affected many women in America, and it has also affected men, in both a good and a bad way. All that favors Title IX go do something, get out there and start playing some men’s sports. Learn some more, you can’t be discriminated about it! Title IX allows women to do anything they desire.

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